Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Non Yankees related post

I don't often post something that isn't baseball related but as a fan of the Fish I have to post this link that comes from the brilliant minds over at deadspin. 

Funny stuff. If they can get Ricky to autograph it they can list it in a MasterCard commercial as priceless.

Rumors Rumors Rumors

There have been rumors all over the web saying the Yankees are shopping one of their surplus outfielders to try and fill the fifth spot in the rotation. Let’s look at the facts. The Yankees have made no such claims and it would not make much since unless someone out there offers Cashman something for a handful of beans. One of the rumors floating around is that the Yankees might trade Matsui for Bedard. Pete Abraham told me earlier today that he had heard nothing that it was a Seattle radio thing. Yes Bedard has been a great pitcher in the past but he has shoulder and hip problems. He had a torn Labrum to be specific. I speak from the prospective of having had two surgeries to repair mine. He will NEVER be the pitcher he once was. I can't even throw a Frisbee for my dog without feeling the pull. Matsui prior to this knee injury and the freak wrist injury has been very durable, and he’s a .300 hitter. Why would the Yankees consider it? There has also been speculation that they might shop Nady which makes more sense. He only has one year on his contract and he is coming off a great year, but who will pay the price for a one year rental. Swisher is the only corner outfielder they have on the good side of 30 and most believe he will have a bounce back year and he has a very modest contract compared to most on the roster. So trading him is dumb. Damon’s value is not as high as his worth because of his age and poor defense.

 I say go one of two routes

1. Forget Pettite, go out and sign Sheets for two years 30million. Sheets + Hughes = 200 innings

Or 2. Go into the season as is and trade for the hot arm in July to relieve the innings load on Hughes and Joba. This also includes forgetting Andy.

Pettite is a shell of what he used to be and showed it in the second half of the season. Unless he is willing to sign on the cheap, look elsewhere. You would think he would love to pitch on this team considering they are favorites to win the East in 2009. I think he owes the Yankees something standing by him after the drug scandal thing.  The fact that he won't take a pay cut is a slap in the face. Take a pass Cash!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Some Morons think the Yankees are bad for Baseball

Yes I said Morons, (link is to the moron) It makes me mad when people shoot off at the mouth and say that the Yankees aren't responsible in today’s recession spending all that they did this year in free agency. First off they are going to have a lower payroll this year than last. With the departure of Abreu, Giambi, Pavano, and I-Rod the Yankees shed more than 80 million dollars. The Yankees aren't breaking any rules they are just doing what every fan wants their team to do, put a quality product on the field. The Yankees are the best thing for baseball, love them or hate them people will watch the 2009 Yankees win allot of games.

  You want to know what’s bad for baseball. Small market teams! MLB has a system called revenue sharing. The way that it works is that the larger market teams that break a certain payroll threshold have to pay a tax that gets distributed to the smaller market teams. Unfortunately most of the smaller market teams do not use this money to obtain better players and become more competitive. They take the money and stick it in their pocket. For example in 1995 the Yankees Paid 76 million dollars in tax , the Florida Marlins received 30 million in revenue sharing, the marlins payroll was 23 million.  In 2006 they cut their payroll down to 14.9 million dollars. Less than half the money they recieved in revenue sharing.  See where I’m going? The smaller market teams are receiving more in revenue sharing than their payroll yet they are not putting a competitive product on the field. If I were a fan of the Fish or the Royals or any of those teams that are basically getting their payroll paid by the Yankees I would be pissed! Pete Abraham brings up a good point in his blog when he states that good management and staying healthy wins championships there has been 7 different champions in the last eight years.

  The Yankees are one of the few teams that do their fans right by spending money on the team. They have improved their team more than anyone else and at great cost to the ownership. Don't think there aren't other owners who have deep pockets as well. Just not as many that care enough about winning and their fans to spend some money to bring home a world championship.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Are they done Yet???

The signing of Tex certainly may be it for big money contracts and the Yankees this off-season. This could be an open door for Phil Hughes to grab the number 5 spot in the rotation leaving Pettite out of the mix. The Yankees offered Andy a 10 million dollar deal a while back that he either refused or is sitting on. I suppose a deal could still get done but my feeling is that Hughes will be just as good, as number 5 starters go. Many believe that Signing Tex puts them out of the Manny hunt. I believe it makes it less likely but don't count the Yankees out of anything this off-season as we have already learned. The only thing I can predict with a marginal degree of certainly is that they are staying away from Ben Sheets. I think the Yankees should offer Manny two years for 45 million with incentives that could make it closer to 55 million and a mutual option for a third year. But then again who am I. Oh yeah I’m the guy that predicted that the Yanks would sweep in at the last minute and get Tex. :) 

  There is allot of speculation that someone will get traded now that Tex is signed but I think that that Swisher will be a great 4th outfielder and can work some games for Tex so that he can be rested as well. This is the line up that I predict for opening day:

Damon LF

Jeter SS

Tex 1B

Arod 3B

Matsui DH

Posada C

Cano 2B

Nady RF

Gardner CF

Off the bench 



Molina and Cabrera 

Starting Rotation














Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yankees seal Red Sox Doom

In a surprising twist the Yankees have apparently swooped in at the last minute and signed Mark Teixera to an 8 year contract worth more than 170 million dollars. It will be hard for anyone not to believe that the Yankees will be the team to beat in baseball this upcoming season. I would think the Yankees are probably done spending money and I would not be surprised to see swisher playing CF. We will just have to wait and see what happens. But this is surely a happy day in New York and there are bound to be allot of pissed off red sox fans out there. Welcome to NY Mark!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Somebody flinch already

It seems that Mark Teixeria may not be off the Yankees radar as everyone would have you believe. Don't believe that the Red Sox are out of it either contrary to what they might let you think. Its all a giant game of cat and mouse. The Red Sox want you to think that they are not involved so they can pay less and the Yankees want you to think that they aren't involved so they can swoop in at the last minute and outbid everyone else. Numerous sources are saying that Tex wants to be on the East Coast and I would think he wants to play for a team with a chance to win for many years to come. So like I said before, "Somebody Flinch already!" First 10 year 200 million dollar offer takes him for sure but teams are going to see if they can get him on the sly. If Tex signs with the Yankees it would be a crushing blow to the Red Sox. They must know this. This is why I say don't believe them when they say they are out of the game.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Will Posada be ready

  This is the million dollar question. Or in the Yankees case the multi million dollar question. You see if Posada cant go catch at least 120 or so games than the Yankees may have to DH him which would prevent them from signing a big bat this off season. You can only have one DH and as it stands right now its Matsui. But what happens if Posada isn't ready? What happens if the Yankees sign Manny or Tex? Who gets moved who gets traded???? These are all big questions. The guys over at The Bronx View have their idea of what happens, what do you think?? Leave some Comments, send me an e-mail.

   I will be sending out a monthly newsletter that will keep you up to date on all Yankees goings on, if you are interested in checking it out simply send me your name and e-mail to mdrook6206@hotmail.com. Next time I'll tell you what Is really going to happen with the Yankees and their quest for a big bat so stay tuned.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Please no Melky

  I keep reading on the blog comments that everyone wants Melky to be the opening day CF'er. My question is why? Yes he has a good arm. Does he hit well?  Does he run well? Is he prone to long slumps? no no yes....  This is why the Yankees sent him down to the minors in the first place. Yes the kid has talent and will probably be above replacement level in the long run. Brett Gardner has a few more tools that we only started to see at the end of last year. I say let the two of them slug it out in spring training for that coveted CF position. Unless We sign Manny and the the battle is for the fourth outfield spot.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where is Mike Cameron already?

  It seems the Yankees may be getting cold feet on Mike Cameron. Makes sense because he’s not worth 10 million dollars. He strikes out to much and really doesn't hit for average. Yes it makes sense if they will take Igawa in the deal, but they want the Yankees to pick up part of his money. It seems that they may be waiting to see if they sign Manny, which would make Cameron unnecessary. The question that comes to my mind is would they move Damon to center or would they try and trade Nady or Matsui, the latter would be my choice. Damon just doesn't have enough arm to play CF. You would think that Nady would bring some decent prospects. I’ve always been all for Manny on a short tem deal if you can get him for three years with an option pull the trigger. Or maybe we would just be better off signing Tex for 10 years 200 million. It seems that is what it would take to get him at this point.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yankees Mulling over Tex and Manny

   It seems the Bombers are entering the Mark Teixeria game. Of course they are, why wouldn’t they? I would think they have no real interest in paying him what he will demand, but the mere sighting of the Yankees in on the bidding may drive the price up for other teams. Why would the Yankees care to do that you ask? Good Question, think about it if the Angels were thinking about signing him for lets say 160 million over 8 years they may be forced to raise their offer and or the number of years in order to land him. This will deplete funds that could have been used for other players that the Angels may have been interested in. Now you see don’t you? It's an old game, one that the Yankees are good at.

  However on the other side of the coin Hank Steinbrenner is reported to like Manny and not just him but other members of the organization as well. The Yankees MLB site goes on to speculate that if they got Manny they may shop Nady, who will be a free agent after 09 anyhow. My thoughts , BRILLIANT!! How About Damon,Cameron and Manny in the outfield next year. Oh what the heck it’s like I said before its only money sign um both.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Yankees add Burnett

To add insult to injury the Yankees have added Red Sox Killer AJ Burnett for 5 years and 82.5 million dollars. The Braves had a similar offer on the table but AJ is an East coast guy who likes the American league. Pair that with the fact that his wife doesn’t like to fly and drives to the games and they already live near Baltimore, a three hour train ride, and its a match made in heaven. Burnett won 18 games for Toronto last year and led the American league with 231 strikeouts.

  In other news the Yankees non tendered Chris Britton and Justin Christian to make room ton the 40 man Roster for Sabathia and Burnett. This makes them free agents and I'm certain they will get picked up quickly as they are both very talented. The Mike Cameron for Melky Cabrera trade appears to be a lock. (Almost) It seems the Yankees that just spent all that money on Sabathia and Burnett want the Brewers to pick up part of his Salary. Either way it looks as if the deal is going to get done. I predicted this one back on my Nov 26th blog. More details to come when it’s final. Cashman met with Pettite the other day as well. I'm not quite sure why they would want him back in my mind Sheets is younger and more talented and you could probably get him for less than you paid Andy last season. I think they will offer Pettite a 10-12 million take it or leave it offer to be their number five starter. However it would not surprise me to see them sign Derek Lowe or Ben Sheets before it is all said and done. What the heck sign um both its only money.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yankees could be bringing in friend for CC

   The Yankees MLB site is reporting that the Yankees are rekindling trade talks that apparently were discussed at the winter meetings. The Bombers would send the Brewers switch hitting Melky Cabrera and they would receive Mike Cameron. On the surface this seems like a good trade Cameron is a gold glover with more power than Cabrera, but I  feel that such an expensive stop gap may delay the arrival of Austin Jackson to the big leagues. Cameron is a career .250 hitter but can swipe a bag and has hit 20 or more homers in the last eight seasons. Melky is a Kid who in my mind is still an unproven talent, his upside is that he is only 24 and is a switch hitter with a cannon for an arm. His downside is that he has been streaky as a hitter prone to long slumps and has little home run power. Do I think Melky has what it takes in the bigs? Yes. Do I think he is going to Bat .300 and hit 30 HR next season, no way. Is it a good trade for the Yankees? Maybe, but we can all agree that its an expensive one at 10 Million for 09 compared to Melky or Brett Gardner who will make less than 1 million. But hell it's only money and they are the Yankees. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Whos next on radar

With Sabathia all but a few signatures and a physical away from being completed their apparently seems to be some urgency for the other big name free agents to get signed. It’s reported that the Yankees have reached out to AJ Burnett, Derek Lowe and Ben Sheets. It seems that if they get only one of these guys that they may reengage talks with Pettitte. If they get two of the three Andy may be odd man out unless he is willing to sign on the cheap. He has already turned down a one year 10 million dollar offer. Will the Yankees end up raising their offer if they don't get two. I would think 12 million for one year of Andy would be reasonable, but the 16 million he made last year is a bit much. Are there any other plan B type free agents the Yankees could engage? Perhaps, Brad Penny? I think they will sign Lowe and Sheets and Pettite will have to take what he can or look elsewhere. But who knows maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

Sabathia is a Yankee

After much sneaking around and negotiations CC is a Yankee.  Reportedly agreeing ot a 7 year 160 million dollar contract. Now the Yankees can use this to work on the other free agent pitchers. Welcome CC ! You will make a great Yankee.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Somethings cookin with CC

Apparently Cash money has been MIA for a while this evening and it has now come to light, Via Pete Abraham, that he is meeting again with Sabathia possibly in California. Now if something big wasn't about to happen why would cash jump on a plan and fly to California in the middle of all the fun. I could speculate all night but Ill just wait till something concrete happens then I will let you all know.

update: the daily news is reporting that the meeting with CC may have everything to do with getting his wife Amber involved. In my mind a good sign. Perhaps we will wrap this all up by friday...

Hot Stove is on! Yankees not going to get burnt

The Yankees hot stove is heating up. Brian Cashman Met with Sabathia the other day and at Sabathia’s request had a second meeting. In my mind that’s a good sign, if you’re not interested in something why ask to talk more. Lots of teams have been saying that they will or might prepare an offer for CC. but so far only the Brewers and the Yankees have done so. Sabathia seems to be holding out hoping a west coast team will get involved, being from California I suppose I understand, but ultimately I don’t think anyone will even come close to the Yankees offer and I don’t believe anyone will. While the Yanks continue to court Sabathia they are keeping busy on other fronts apparently preparing an offer for Burnett that reportedly will exceed Atlanta’s 4 year 60 Million Dollar offer and One for Ben Sheets believed to be in the range of 2 years 30Million. That’s a big raise for sheets who made 11million last year. Many teams have stayed clear of Sheets due to past injury concerns. When healthy Sheets is an Ace with a career ERA of 3.72 and last season pitching nearly 200 innings I think he’s a keeper.

  Burnett is a true strike out king. He has absolutely filthy stuff last year he had 231 strike outs and has a career 1278 K's in 1376 innings. Both of these guys and Sabathia would certainly make the Yankees a force in 2009. Think about this rotation kids.






Devastating!!!!! I'll keep you up to date as more happens.

Friday, December 5, 2008

OK so it looks like somethings brewing

Yankees General Manager Brian Cash man met with Scott Boras yesterday who represents Sabathia, Teixeria, and Lowe.  Mlb.com reports that Teixeria was present at this meeting. I wouldn't look into that to much I don't think the Yankees will be pursuing him to the extent of the Angels. However It appears that the Yankees are reaching out to Lowe, who reportedly wants to return to Boston. To me it appears that the Red Sox don't have a glaring need for a high priced free agent Pitcher.  Pete Abraham reports that Cash will be meeting with CC this weekend in an effort to get something done before the Winter meetings next week. I'll get you more when I have it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Angels say Tex is #1

   It has been speculated that the Angels may be preparing an offer to CC Sabathia. Now it appears that these rumors have been exaggerated and that Tex is still their priority. This is good news for the Yankees being that the only other offer out there is the Brewers and its significantly less. Hopefully this means CC will be signing soon.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No arbitration for anyone

The Yankees in a surprising move did not offer any of their free agents Arbitration. It didn’t' t surprise me about Pettite and Pudge but I really thought they would offer it to Abreu. What does this mean? Well not a whole lot, do to the new arbitration rules they can still negotiate with any of these players. Previously they would have had to wait until May. What it does mean is that if they go to another team the Yankees do not get any Draft Picks for them. I think they still may resign Andy, but now they can do it at a lesser salary. He surely would have accepted arbitration and the Yankees would have had him for more money than they probably want to spend on him considering he mad 16 million last year. I think there is zero chance they resign Pudge and only an outside chance for Abreu if other deals fall apart and there is no place else to get any offence.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving day at the mother in-laws and this is my first post from my new blackberry.I now feel that everyone should have one. The Yankees are home having turkey which is what you should be doing. So Check back on monday and I promise something other than my rambling.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Moves Yet

It’s the calm before the storm, or so it would seem. The Yankees have been quietly going about their business before the gunfire starts. I would think most things will remain that way until Monday but historically some big deals are often made over the holidays. It appears that the Angels may be preparing an offer for Sabathia. Being on the west coast the thought is that them will get a discount. I think that the Yankees will just dig a little deeper and come up with a you can’t match this one, not even close, kind of offer in response. I haven’t heard much else about the Yankees looking at Cameron. I believe if they sign CC they will be more aggressive about Mike. However you know me I'm a Brett Gardner Fan.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rule 5 Draft for Dummies

I'll be the first to admit that things like arbitration the rule 5 draft and collective bargaining confuses me, sometimes to no end. That being said if I get any part of this wrong please call me on it.  The rule 5 draft is named for its rule number in the collective bargaining agreement. Its purpose is to prevent teams from stockpiling young talent in the minors that could be playing in the majors  for other organizations. The rule 5 draft works in a similar fashion to the amateur draft in that the team with the worst record selects first. Players that aren't being protected by being on the teams 40 man roster can be selected by another team but they must be immediately added to the teams 25 man roster and cannot be optioned to the minors for the entire season. In order to prevent abuse of the system the player must be on the active roster for 90 days. This prevents teams from drafting players and them putting them on the DL for the whole season. This may be spread over more than one season. A rule 5 player can be waived at any time. If not signed by another MLB team must be offered back to his original team at half price. The Draftee may also be traded but the Rule 5 guidelines transfer with the player.

  Confused? It's a bit overwhelming. Now in order to protect newly drafted players (from the amateur draft) there are certain eligibility guidelines. Players drafted at age 18 are protected for Four years .Players 19 or older are only protected for Three years. Players can also be protected by being on their teams 40 man roster at the time of the rule 5 draft. Draftees cost $50,000 and if not kept on the 25 man roster they must be offered back at half price. After keeping the player for the entire year a team may then put them in their minor league system, waive them, or keep them on the roster.

 The best example is the twins drafting Johan Santana from the Marlins in the 2000 Rule 5 draft. After keeping him and his 6.49 era on their roster for the entire year they optioned him to the minors for further grooming and well the rest is History. Returning to the majors in 2002 he has been brilliant.

This year the Yankees have added 4 pitchers to their 40 man roster. Protecting Anthony Claggett, Steven Jackson, Michael Dunn and Chris Garcia who would have been eligible. In doing so they have left a couple of important players exposed to other teams namely Alan Horne and Kevin Whelan. Last year Horne had a shoulder injury which hopefully will prevent other teams from taking the risk, however he has great stuff so it is a big risk. Whelan walks way to many batters and struggles with control to much for another team to risk putting him on the 25 man roster for an entire year. The only other one that I would be worried about is Ramiro Pena a young talented shortstop, but to date his bat has no pop. With the lack of infielders out there it wouldn't surprise me to see him get selected.

Noteworthy news

Ok Just a few things going on. Nothing as hot as if we signed CC but lets wrap up the news of the week.

1. As I,m sure you have all heard by now Mike Mussina has opted to retire rather than pitch into his 40's.  Personally I think he still had a couple of more years in him. But you gotta do what you gotta do. 270 wins and an ERA of 3.63 is a heck of a career. Does he belong in the Hall of Fame. Maybe, but certainly not a shoe in.

2.The Mariners have made Baseball history naming Don Wakamatsu as the first Japanese-American head coach in baseball history. Even though he doesn’t speak Japanese having grown up in LA he wants to learn some so he can better communicate with Ichiro and Jojima. Good luck to Don except when he plays the Yankees of course.

3. The Red Sox have traded Coco Crisp to the Royals for 27 year old Ramon Rimirez. This was a cashman like deal if I ever saw one. Here take my leftover parts and this handful of magic beans for a 27 year old pitcher with an ERA under 3 and more than a strikeout per inning. This guy could be the setup guy that puts Masterson back in the Rotation. It also might make them think twice about being all in on Burnett, which realistically was just going to drive the price the Yankees sign him for anyhow.

4. An Interesting Article over at the Star Ledger suggests that the delay on the Sabathia offer may be that he's waiting to see if the Dodgers will bid. Hopefully they won't, but again it will only drive up the Yankees offer for him. It's believed that if they do submit an Offer that it will be for $30 million less than what the Yankees have already offered.

5. Are The Jays Shopping Halladay? If they are , don't look at them giving him to the Yankees. Teams don't usually like to trade stars to another team in their own division. However a pitcher like that with only a 2 year commitment might be an incentive to talk to the Dodgers (believed to be the Jays likely suitor) and see what it would take to spin him to the Yankees. But that is just a pipe dream.

6. There is a Rumor out there that the Sox may trade Lugo to the Tigers For Willis or Robertson . Its pretty much a junk for junk trade, however Willis could still turn into a productive pitcher. Lugo only have one tool (speed) doesn't seem like a great fit if the tigers really want a  real starting shortstop. he is more of an off the bench pinch runner type guy as I see it. If the Sox could get Robertson for Lugo they should have pulled the trigger already.

hopefully Ill be back later this afternoon with some important news.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Slow day in the Bloging

 Ok there is almost nothing new to report. Mlb. Com is reporting that Towers and Cashman have had no recent conversations about Peavy. It appears that the Yankees are not in the running for him but that doesn't mean that if something suddenly makes since that that won't change. One thing that is interesting is that the article (linked above) states that the Cubs is currently their focus but would likely need another team to make a deal work. Not that the cubs would be interested but I wonder what kind of three way deal it would take to get Back Soriano?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is Pettitte the Odd man out?

To tell you the truth I haven't made up my mind about Andy yet  so lets compare them for a minute by stats and age. 

Burnett  Age : 31  2008  18-10 4.07 ERA  lifetime 87-76 3.81 ERA 

Lowe       Age:35   2008   14-11 3.24   ERA Lifetime  126-107  3.75 ERA

Pettite   Age 36     2008  14-14  4.54  ERA  Lifetime  215-127  3.89  ERA

They all look like pretty much the same guy to me except at different ages. 

Burnett has had his share of Injury problems but seems healthy now he also seems to strike out allot more batters than Lowe. The last 4 years Lowe has had an ERA under 4 but he has also been in the National league. Pettitte gave up over 100 earned runs last year and was horrible after the all star break. I guess Burnett looks like the better deal to me given his age, ERA strikeouts. Ok I have decided on Burnett, Sabathia and someone else other than Pettitte or Lowe to Fill out the rotation next year. Humm Let me see perhaps.....PEAVY!!!!

Farwell to Darrell

In what is obviously an attempt to recoup some of the money lost to Japan on the Kei Igawa deal Darrell Rasner's Contract has been sold to Japan for One (pinkie to my cheek) Million Dollars! In all seriousness though it was at his request and even though he didn't pitch extremely well for the Yankees he had a stretch where he pitched well enough . I think his stuff will translate well in Japan. Good luck Mr. Rasner just remember to get your mitt up a little faster when the ball is hit at you.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hey Cash how bout this?

Ok how about we sign CC, Lowe and Manny. Trade Matsui For pitching and Go with Damon and Manny sharing time for DH/LF. The Rotation would look like this..

CC gets 6 for 150mil
Lowe gets 4 at 75mil
Manny gets 4 at 80 with incentives and a team option of 18 million with a 8 million dollar buyout

Could Peavy be a Reality?

Apparently the word is out that the Yankees are going to make offers to Multiple pitchers. This could mean CC,Burnett and Lowe (with or without making an offer to Pettite or Mussina) It also is become apparent that the Yankees are at least a Dark Horse in the Peavy dealings. Seems  my previous posting on hypothetical trade situations might not be so hypothetical anymore. However much I would love to see a rotation that involves Peavy I can't Imagine the Padres wanting less than the Moon for him. My guess is that the conversation starts with them wanting at least Jackson and Hughes and probably gets worse from there. However I have heard rumblings (sorry I cant remember where I read it) that Igawa might be good for San Diego. But If they had any interest in him it would be a forth or fifth player involved in the trade not a primary piece. My dream rotation looks like this

1. CC

2. Peavy

3. Lowe 

4. Wang 


6. Pettite or Mussina

What are the odds?  Its going to get interesting Kids buckle up!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Brinks truck has arrived

Ok it’s finally here there is a big truck load of money parked in CC's driveway worth 6 years and 140 million dollars. According to Pete Abraham the previous record for six year contract for a pitcher was 137.5 million dollars. You can be certain that it will take a few days for his agent to figure out that the Yankees won’t be outbid and I'm going to make a bold prediction and say that this time next week the Yankees are having a press conference introducing CC Sabathia to the New York Media and his new pinstripes.   

OK time for this weeks Hypothetical Trade Senerio

It seems for the time being that the Padres aren't even close to a deal with the Cubs or the Braves in tradeing Jake Peavy. Obviously they are going to ask for the moon for one of the (in my opinion) top three pitchers in Baseball.  Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union Tribune thinks that the Padres my widen their scope and reach out to the Yankees and Angels to gain leverage. What do you think it would take for the Bombers to get Peavy? I think the Discussion starts with 
1. Phil Hughes
2. Robinson Cano
3. Austin Jackson

If cash can make a deal and give up less than that he should have already pulled the trigger in my mind.  Talk amongst yourselves

Thursday, November 13, 2008

midnight is comming

Its 10:00pm est and Yankees hot stove is on right now. Two hours until the Yankees are on the Phone with CC  offering him the biggest payday of his life.  Girardi just stated the obvious by saying that the Yankees aren't stopping at just one big name pitcher and that its important for the Yankees to have six possibly seven  solid starters in the rotation. He also said that if people offer trades for Cano you have to listen because Canos valuable and that they would have to give allot back. but for now hes penciled in as the Yankees second baseman.  To me this almost sounds like he should keep one bag packed, LOL.  Ok Ill be back a little after midnight to report on any goings on.

update: midnight came and went and there was no truck full of cash outside CC's house. OK I better run I think he sees me climbing on the fence. 

Yanks Trade for Swisher

The Yankees in their first big move of the season have traded Wison Bedimit (Thank God) ,Jeff Marquez and Jhonny Nunez to the White Sox for Nick Swisher and minor league Pitcher Kanekoa Texeria. Swisher,  is a switch hitter who  plays  first base and all three outfield positions. According to Cashman, Swisher should see the majority of his playing time at first base, but provides an opportunity for some insurance in both corner outfield positions. Swisher is a plus defender at 1B,RF and LF however just average in Center. He is a career .244 hitter that given a full season at 1b should hit .250-.260   25-30 HR and 80-100 RBI. Hummm sounds just like Giambi, except that swisher can field his position, run the base pads, and is in the prime of his career at 27.
   Yes you are correct this spell zero chance of Giambi returning to Pinstripes. With Swisher,at this point, a lock at First Base  does anyone get the feeling that the Yankees won't be making a run at Tex. (That's me raising my hand). 
    On the other side of this coin the Yankees get Kanekoa Texeria  Who is 22 years old and 6'2 190 right handed and had 22 saves with a  1.33 ERA between A and Double A ball last season. He was ranked The number two Prospect in the White Sox farm system and I would think would at least have a shot at starting at AAA this year with the Yankees. I will let you know as soon as I find out what kind of stuff he has but the Fantasy Baseball section of Usa Today says his stuff is unexceptional but he could surface as a middle reliever.
    So where is the upside for the Sox? Besides Salary relief I really don't think they got the best end of the deal. Wilson is a bum who shows occasional power. In his defence he can play all the infield positions, just not extremely well. Nunez was part of an earlier trade agreement so He really wasn't around long enough to be missed. Marquez could be the only bright spot for the Sox a 1st round draft pick in 2004 showed some promise.
  Keep it up Cash Next Stop CC and Manny. Don't worry what they all say Brian I got your back.

Posada is not a Outfielder

Ok after reading this article on Dugout Central today and leaving my drawn out comment.  I had to come here and share the insanity with all of you. This Author, creative as he is, believes that Posada because of his Injury to his throwing shoulder could have a career as the Yankees Right Fielder. Yes I’m serious ,I think he really believes it. He starts by breaking it down by position. In CF he thinks that Melky will be gone. (Secretly I think he’s right) and he is correct saying that Jackson is not ready yet and will probably start in AAA. However I disagree with his assessment of Brett Gardner. The author says that his skills are only Defense and speed. It’s no secret that I'm a big fan of Brett and of all players who can create runs by being aggressive on the base pads. I feel that he started to show signs of life with the bat in September and that he has the skills to be a good hitter. If anyone can bring this out, Hitting coach Kevin Long can. In my comment I made mention to Dustin Pedroia and that in his first appearance with Boston he couldn't hit the broad side of the barn with a semi-automatic weapon. That being said I hope they give him a chance to be the starting CF but I think he will be the Fourth outfielder.I feel that Matsui , if not traded, will be primarily a DH do to his recovering knee and The Yankees will seek help via free agency or trade.  The Yankees starting outfield will be Damon ,Nady and Player to be named (not Posada. )This Post will  kickoff my official Manny for Pinstripes campaign.

Pavano is exhausted

  During an Interview with the Post Pavano said, "I look back on those four years with the Yankees and it was exhausting." Ok I'm Trying not to fly off the handle into one of my what a waste of $40 million dollar rantings, but I can’t resist, sorry Carl. Are you F******* kidding me Exhausting!!! Over Four years you only had 26 starts, I'm no Math whiz but that's 1.5 million dollars per start and out of those 26 starts how many innings did you really pitch? That's like Rocket money without half the results! Maybe it's exhausting to drive around in a sports car with Alyssa Milano. Maybe your Exhausted from all those rehab bullpens you threw making your poor little weak body frail and brittle. Then you had the Gall to say "If I was healthy, no doubt about it, the team would have benefited." Oh gosh Carl I feel like we missed out on what could have been the next Pedro Martinez. Maybe we should sign you to a long term deal now that you are healthy? The only reason you even had a contract last year is that you forced the issue instead of calling it quits, like a man with any dignity would have done and rehabbed on your own dime. NO no no lets suck the Yankees dry so that we can make a couple of September starts so that we can show something and suck someone else dry for a few more years. Maybe you really didn't injure your back side maybe someone kicked it, or at least they should.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Marte deal is a done deal

I still am not all that Jazzed about signing relievers to long term deals but  Pete Abraham spoke with Cash about the deal and compared to other recent contracts and with the praise of the teams lefty hitters and Rivera. I guess they could do allot worse than someone  who has a career ERA under four and who has struck out 508 batters in 472 innings. Lets all hope he can go back to putting up the kind of numbers he did prior to 2008 now that hes making the big bucks.

Big bats in the Bronx

In 2007 the Yankees took a shot at scoring 1000 runs but fell short only scoring 968. My question is how does a team follow that up with only 789 runs last year? Part of the problem was injury. Posada missing the majority of the season was a big factor. Molina, as great as he is defensively, cannot hit his own weight. Another factor was a poor season for Robby Cano. After looking like a batting champ to be in 2007 he was expected to do big things in 2008. On the bright side It appears as if his hitting woahs may be in the past and Kevin Long will be getting a fat raise. In 2007 A-Rod was incredible and there was no way he could have been expected to repeat that kind of year in 2008. So I guess looking at the numbers he had a representative year, but how many times did he choke with RISP or how many of his homers were solo shots when it didn’t matter. Most of all how many double plays did he hit into. In all fairness to A-rod he's probably the greatest hitter in the game and will continue to show that for many years to come. Another horrific blow was the loss of Matsui, however I feel the deal for Nady made up for him being gone down the stretch.

  Overall the Yankee Pitching was ok. Injuries to Wang and Chamberlain hurt badly but they were able to get respectable replacement level pitching from within but unfortunately that doesn’t win championships. If the Yankees solidify their starting rotation is that enough? I say no way. They need to add Two players that can hit. A first baseman for sure and probably a designated hitter or corner outfielder. I know you are all thinking that the outfield is way to crowded as it is. I think Matsui makes good trade bait provided that he is healthy. Brett Gardner should be your fourth outfielder. But who should start in CF? Not Melky, please not Melky. Defensively he is above average but he doesn’t have the kind of bat that we need a CF to have. I think a trade packaging Melky, Matsui and perhaps some of our deep farm system of  MLB ready pitching should be able to get us a suitable CF for a season until Austin Jackson is ready.  But Who? Many people think Mike Cameron to be the answer.  I think Gardner could put up a .250 batting average in CF just as easily. Ok Gardner would not hit 25 HR but I still think we could do better. What do you think? Maybe Damon in CF and a run at Manny for left? After all Damon did bat over .300 with 17 HR from the leadoff spot last season. If you had Manny, Damon and Nady as your starting OF next season you would be looking at 90+ HR from your outfielders. Ok lets assume for a minute the Yankees were interested in Manny ( which I think is only possible if Tex signs elsewhere) how much do you pay him? What would it take to get him. I think he will settle for 4 years 88Million. (Boras will never get Six years) That’s a lot of money for someone who may be a clubhouse cancer. But he’s not the first player to get run out of Boston and be a great teammate. ex. Nomar Garciapara

Ok back to earth, I think the Yankees will go with Garder in CF unless someone makes them a trade offer that makes since. and I think Melky will get a shot in spring training but ultimately will be traded. The Yankees will throw tons of cash at Mark Teixeira and You will see him and Sabathia in pinstripes in 2009.

Marte Update

According to MLBTR the Yankees have signed Damaso Marte to a three year 12 million dollar deal after declining his 6 million dollar option. My take, bad move! Why would you pay him till he's 39?  A one  year deal at 4 million with an option perhaps. I personaly didn't think he was all that.

David Brown, David Letterman is there a differance

In Letterman like form. here is David Brown's , from Yahoo sports, top ten list on things CC might have asked Jeter During a Cell phone convo.   click here 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pitching Pitching and more Pitching

     I think that most people are of the opinion  that the Yankees need two starting pitchers either from free agency or via trade in order to be competitive in 2009. Agreed? That being said who and how much will they spend.  I think that when Friday hits,(that's when people can talk money with free agents from other teams) Hank and Hal are going to park a Brinks truck outside CC's house until he comes out and says OK lets go for a ride.  I'm guessing they offer him Santana type money maybe even a little more and they go six years. They have money to spend and they will spend it. I feel  that they stay away from Burnett, his numbers just don't speak to me and I hope that they decide to throw a little love at Ben Sheets. He was 13-9 last year and has a career ERA of 3.72 He's 30 years old a 4 year deal seems reasonable. In my dream world I see the rotation like this.
2. Wang
3. Sheets
4. Pettite
5. Joba
6. Phil Hughes (as needed if they don't trade him, but thats another story)

Next up big bats in the Bronx??

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The first post

The quest begins

The quest begins for the yankees 27th world championship. After a disapointing 2008 season the yankees will attempt to rebound this off season by digging deep into their newly full pocketbook and create a team that will compete with the young speedy Rays and the consistantly powerful Red Sox. 

     There will be rumors to explore interviews to conduct and contacts to be made. We will attempt to tap into those unnamed sources in the organization and hopefully provide some witty blogging along the way. Hopefully we can have some healthy discussions on who the yankees should aquire ,who should be traded and whos to be kicked to the curb. So fasten your seatbelts everyone and lets get ready for an exciting off season.