Sunday, December 21, 2008

Somebody flinch already

It seems that Mark Teixeria may not be off the Yankees radar as everyone would have you believe. Don't believe that the Red Sox are out of it either contrary to what they might let you think. Its all a giant game of cat and mouse. The Red Sox want you to think that they are not involved so they can pay less and the Yankees want you to think that they aren't involved so they can swoop in at the last minute and outbid everyone else. Numerous sources are saying that Tex wants to be on the East Coast and I would think he wants to play for a team with a chance to win for many years to come. So like I said before, "Somebody Flinch already!" First 10 year 200 million dollar offer takes him for sure but teams are going to see if they can get him on the sly. If Tex signs with the Yankees it would be a crushing blow to the Red Sox. They must know this. This is why I say don't believe them when they say they are out of the game.

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