Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where is Mike Cameron already?

  It seems the Yankees may be getting cold feet on Mike Cameron. Makes sense because he’s not worth 10 million dollars. He strikes out to much and really doesn't hit for average. Yes it makes sense if they will take Igawa in the deal, but they want the Yankees to pick up part of his money. It seems that they may be waiting to see if they sign Manny, which would make Cameron unnecessary. The question that comes to my mind is would they move Damon to center or would they try and trade Nady or Matsui, the latter would be my choice. Damon just doesn't have enough arm to play CF. You would think that Nady would bring some decent prospects. I’ve always been all for Manny on a short tem deal if you can get him for three years with an option pull the trigger. Or maybe we would just be better off signing Tex for 10 years 200 million. It seems that is what it would take to get him at this point.

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