Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hot Stove is on! Yankees not going to get burnt

The Yankees hot stove is heating up. Brian Cashman Met with Sabathia the other day and at Sabathia’s request had a second meeting. In my mind that’s a good sign, if you’re not interested in something why ask to talk more. Lots of teams have been saying that they will or might prepare an offer for CC. but so far only the Brewers and the Yankees have done so. Sabathia seems to be holding out hoping a west coast team will get involved, being from California I suppose I understand, but ultimately I don’t think anyone will even come close to the Yankees offer and I don’t believe anyone will. While the Yanks continue to court Sabathia they are keeping busy on other fronts apparently preparing an offer for Burnett that reportedly will exceed Atlanta’s 4 year 60 Million Dollar offer and One for Ben Sheets believed to be in the range of 2 years 30Million. That’s a big raise for sheets who made 11million last year. Many teams have stayed clear of Sheets due to past injury concerns. When healthy Sheets is an Ace with a career ERA of 3.72 and last season pitching nearly 200 innings I think he’s a keeper.

  Burnett is a true strike out king. He has absolutely filthy stuff last year he had 231 strike outs and has a career 1278 K's in 1376 innings. Both of these guys and Sabathia would certainly make the Yankees a force in 2009. Think about this rotation kids.






Devastating!!!!! I'll keep you up to date as more happens.

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