Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No arbitration for anyone

The Yankees in a surprising move did not offer any of their free agents Arbitration. It didn’t' t surprise me about Pettite and Pudge but I really thought they would offer it to Abreu. What does this mean? Well not a whole lot, do to the new arbitration rules they can still negotiate with any of these players. Previously they would have had to wait until May. What it does mean is that if they go to another team the Yankees do not get any Draft Picks for them. I think they still may resign Andy, but now they can do it at a lesser salary. He surely would have accepted arbitration and the Yankees would have had him for more money than they probably want to spend on him considering he mad 16 million last year. I think there is zero chance they resign Pudge and only an outside chance for Abreu if other deals fall apart and there is no place else to get any offence.

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GOCUBS said...

I was really surprised that Abreu did not even get offered arbitration. I think he is a consistently solid player and I think the Yanks should have risked it to get the draft picks at least.