Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yankees seal Red Sox Doom

In a surprising twist the Yankees have apparently swooped in at the last minute and signed Mark Teixera to an 8 year contract worth more than 170 million dollars. It will be hard for anyone not to believe that the Yankees will be the team to beat in baseball this upcoming season. I would think the Yankees are probably done spending money and I would not be surprised to see swisher playing CF. We will just have to wait and see what happens. But this is surely a happy day in New York and there are bound to be allot of pissed off red sox fans out there. Welcome to NY Mark!


Wwonka said...

You might want to actually compare the two rosters side by side before you start predicting Doom for the redsox and I think you are forgetting the Yanks finished in 3rd behind the rays and the sox.

I would take the redsox roster with a catcher over the yanks.

the Donkey Show.

Yankees Guy said...

Hey Its my opinion and you may be right about doom being a bit of an overstatment at the least it will be very competitive.