Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yankees could be bringing in friend for CC

   The Yankees MLB site is reporting that the Yankees are rekindling trade talks that apparently were discussed at the winter meetings. The Bombers would send the Brewers switch hitting Melky Cabrera and they would receive Mike Cameron. On the surface this seems like a good trade Cameron is a gold glover with more power than Cabrera, but I  feel that such an expensive stop gap may delay the arrival of Austin Jackson to the big leagues. Cameron is a career .250 hitter but can swipe a bag and has hit 20 or more homers in the last eight seasons. Melky is a Kid who in my mind is still an unproven talent, his upside is that he is only 24 and is a switch hitter with a cannon for an arm. His downside is that he has been streaky as a hitter prone to long slumps and has little home run power. Do I think Melky has what it takes in the bigs? Yes. Do I think he is going to Bat .300 and hit 30 HR next season, no way. Is it a good trade for the Yankees? Maybe, but we can all agree that its an expensive one at 10 Million for 09 compared to Melky or Brett Gardner who will make less than 1 million. But hell it's only money and they are the Yankees. 

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