Monday, December 29, 2008

Some Morons think the Yankees are bad for Baseball

Yes I said Morons, (link is to the moron) It makes me mad when people shoot off at the mouth and say that the Yankees aren't responsible in today’s recession spending all that they did this year in free agency. First off they are going to have a lower payroll this year than last. With the departure of Abreu, Giambi, Pavano, and I-Rod the Yankees shed more than 80 million dollars. The Yankees aren't breaking any rules they are just doing what every fan wants their team to do, put a quality product on the field. The Yankees are the best thing for baseball, love them or hate them people will watch the 2009 Yankees win allot of games.

  You want to know what’s bad for baseball. Small market teams! MLB has a system called revenue sharing. The way that it works is that the larger market teams that break a certain payroll threshold have to pay a tax that gets distributed to the smaller market teams. Unfortunately most of the smaller market teams do not use this money to obtain better players and become more competitive. They take the money and stick it in their pocket. For example in 1995 the Yankees Paid 76 million dollars in tax , the Florida Marlins received 30 million in revenue sharing, the marlins payroll was 23 million.  In 2006 they cut their payroll down to 14.9 million dollars. Less than half the money they recieved in revenue sharing.  See where I’m going? The smaller market teams are receiving more in revenue sharing than their payroll yet they are not putting a competitive product on the field. If I were a fan of the Fish or the Royals or any of those teams that are basically getting their payroll paid by the Yankees I would be pissed! Pete Abraham brings up a good point in his blog when he states that good management and staying healthy wins championships there has been 7 different champions in the last eight years.

  The Yankees are one of the few teams that do their fans right by spending money on the team. They have improved their team more than anyone else and at great cost to the ownership. Don't think there aren't other owners who have deep pockets as well. Just not as many that care enough about winning and their fans to spend some money to bring home a world championship.


Wwonka said...

If you call spending like drunken sailors good for baseball then you are right.

The Yankees do not help the rest of the team by driving up prices on players.

They are only 1 of 2 teams that can afford to make Mistakes (giambi, Pavano) and eat them without any consequences.

Even with these moves the Yanks have only brought themselves up to even with the redsox.

the Donkey Show.

Anonymous said...

the publicity for baseball is what makes it good. Anything that brings people to a love of baseball is good for baseball. Even the hateing of the Yankees if it makes people watch baseball is good for baseball. The point is you don't year the Royals who can pay their payroll off what they get in revenue sharing complaining about the yankees payroll