Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rumors Rumors Rumors

There have been rumors all over the web saying the Yankees are shopping one of their surplus outfielders to try and fill the fifth spot in the rotation. Let’s look at the facts. The Yankees have made no such claims and it would not make much since unless someone out there offers Cashman something for a handful of beans. One of the rumors floating around is that the Yankees might trade Matsui for Bedard. Pete Abraham told me earlier today that he had heard nothing that it was a Seattle radio thing. Yes Bedard has been a great pitcher in the past but he has shoulder and hip problems. He had a torn Labrum to be specific. I speak from the prospective of having had two surgeries to repair mine. He will NEVER be the pitcher he once was. I can't even throw a Frisbee for my dog without feeling the pull. Matsui prior to this knee injury and the freak wrist injury has been very durable, and he’s a .300 hitter. Why would the Yankees consider it? There has also been speculation that they might shop Nady which makes more sense. He only has one year on his contract and he is coming off a great year, but who will pay the price for a one year rental. Swisher is the only corner outfielder they have on the good side of 30 and most believe he will have a bounce back year and he has a very modest contract compared to most on the roster. So trading him is dumb. Damon’s value is not as high as his worth because of his age and poor defense.

 I say go one of two routes

1. Forget Pettite, go out and sign Sheets for two years 30million. Sheets + Hughes = 200 innings

Or 2. Go into the season as is and trade for the hot arm in July to relieve the innings load on Hughes and Joba. This also includes forgetting Andy.

Pettite is a shell of what he used to be and showed it in the second half of the season. Unless he is willing to sign on the cheap, look elsewhere. You would think he would love to pitch on this team considering they are favorites to win the East in 2009. I think he owes the Yankees something standing by him after the drug scandal thing.  The fact that he won't take a pay cut is a slap in the face. Take a pass Cash!

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