Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yankees Mulling over Tex and Manny

   It seems the Bombers are entering the Mark Teixeria game. Of course they are, why wouldn’t they? I would think they have no real interest in paying him what he will demand, but the mere sighting of the Yankees in on the bidding may drive the price up for other teams. Why would the Yankees care to do that you ask? Good Question, think about it if the Angels were thinking about signing him for lets say 160 million over 8 years they may be forced to raise their offer and or the number of years in order to land him. This will deplete funds that could have been used for other players that the Angels may have been interested in. Now you see don’t you? It's an old game, one that the Yankees are good at.

  However on the other side of the coin Hank Steinbrenner is reported to like Manny and not just him but other members of the organization as well. The Yankees MLB site goes on to speculate that if they got Manny they may shop Nady, who will be a free agent after 09 anyhow. My thoughts , BRILLIANT!! How About Damon,Cameron and Manny in the outfield next year. Oh what the heck it’s like I said before its only money sign um both.

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