Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Are they done Yet???

The signing of Tex certainly may be it for big money contracts and the Yankees this off-season. This could be an open door for Phil Hughes to grab the number 5 spot in the rotation leaving Pettite out of the mix. The Yankees offered Andy a 10 million dollar deal a while back that he either refused or is sitting on. I suppose a deal could still get done but my feeling is that Hughes will be just as good, as number 5 starters go. Many believe that Signing Tex puts them out of the Manny hunt. I believe it makes it less likely but don't count the Yankees out of anything this off-season as we have already learned. The only thing I can predict with a marginal degree of certainly is that they are staying away from Ben Sheets. I think the Yankees should offer Manny two years for 45 million with incentives that could make it closer to 55 million and a mutual option for a third year. But then again who am I. Oh yeah I’m the guy that predicted that the Yanks would sweep in at the last minute and get Tex. :) 

  There is allot of speculation that someone will get traded now that Tex is signed but I think that that Swisher will be a great 4th outfielder and can work some games for Tex so that he can be rested as well. This is the line up that I predict for opening day:

Damon LF

Jeter SS

Tex 1B

Arod 3B

Matsui DH

Posada C

Cano 2B

Nady RF

Gardner CF

Off the bench 



Molina and Cabrera 

Starting Rotation














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