Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is Pettitte the Odd man out?

To tell you the truth I haven't made up my mind about Andy yet  so lets compare them for a minute by stats and age. 

Burnett  Age : 31  2008  18-10 4.07 ERA  lifetime 87-76 3.81 ERA 

Lowe       Age:35   2008   14-11 3.24   ERA Lifetime  126-107  3.75 ERA

Pettite   Age 36     2008  14-14  4.54  ERA  Lifetime  215-127  3.89  ERA

They all look like pretty much the same guy to me except at different ages. 

Burnett has had his share of Injury problems but seems healthy now he also seems to strike out allot more batters than Lowe. The last 4 years Lowe has had an ERA under 4 but he has also been in the National league. Pettitte gave up over 100 earned runs last year and was horrible after the all star break. I guess Burnett looks like the better deal to me given his age, ERA strikeouts. Ok I have decided on Burnett, Sabathia and someone else other than Pettitte or Lowe to Fill out the rotation next year. Humm Let me see perhaps.....PEAVY!!!!

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