Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pavano is exhausted

  During an Interview with the Post Pavano said, "I look back on those four years with the Yankees and it was exhausting." Ok I'm Trying not to fly off the handle into one of my what a waste of $40 million dollar rantings, but I can’t resist, sorry Carl. Are you F******* kidding me Exhausting!!! Over Four years you only had 26 starts, I'm no Math whiz but that's 1.5 million dollars per start and out of those 26 starts how many innings did you really pitch? That's like Rocket money without half the results! Maybe it's exhausting to drive around in a sports car with Alyssa Milano. Maybe your Exhausted from all those rehab bullpens you threw making your poor little weak body frail and brittle. Then you had the Gall to say "If I was healthy, no doubt about it, the team would have benefited." Oh gosh Carl I feel like we missed out on what could have been the next Pedro Martinez. Maybe we should sign you to a long term deal now that you are healthy? The only reason you even had a contract last year is that you forced the issue instead of calling it quits, like a man with any dignity would have done and rehabbed on your own dime. NO no no lets suck the Yankees dry so that we can make a couple of September starts so that we can show something and suck someone else dry for a few more years. Maybe you really didn't injure your back side maybe someone kicked it, or at least they should.

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Big E said...

my sentiments exactly. F*ck Pavano... seriously F*CK PAVANO... What kills me even more is that he's actually pitching well for the Indians this season... what a joke.

Love the blog btw, keep up the good work! I just started up my own NYC sports blog (, I threw a link to your site up there, check it out!
- Ian