Thursday, November 13, 2008

Posada is not a Outfielder

Ok after reading this article on Dugout Central today and leaving my drawn out comment.  I had to come here and share the insanity with all of you. This Author, creative as he is, believes that Posada because of his Injury to his throwing shoulder could have a career as the Yankees Right Fielder. Yes I’m serious ,I think he really believes it. He starts by breaking it down by position. In CF he thinks that Melky will be gone. (Secretly I think he’s right) and he is correct saying that Jackson is not ready yet and will probably start in AAA. However I disagree with his assessment of Brett Gardner. The author says that his skills are only Defense and speed. It’s no secret that I'm a big fan of Brett and of all players who can create runs by being aggressive on the base pads. I feel that he started to show signs of life with the bat in September and that he has the skills to be a good hitter. If anyone can bring this out, Hitting coach Kevin Long can. In my comment I made mention to Dustin Pedroia and that in his first appearance with Boston he couldn't hit the broad side of the barn with a semi-automatic weapon. That being said I hope they give him a chance to be the starting CF but I think he will be the Fourth outfielder.I feel that Matsui , if not traded, will be primarily a DH do to his recovering knee and The Yankees will seek help via free agency or trade.  The Yankees starting outfield will be Damon ,Nady and Player to be named (not Posada. )This Post will  kickoff my official Manny for Pinstripes campaign.

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