Thursday, November 20, 2008

Noteworthy news

Ok Just a few things going on. Nothing as hot as if we signed CC but lets wrap up the news of the week.

1. As I,m sure you have all heard by now Mike Mussina has opted to retire rather than pitch into his 40's.  Personally I think he still had a couple of more years in him. But you gotta do what you gotta do. 270 wins and an ERA of 3.63 is a heck of a career. Does he belong in the Hall of Fame. Maybe, but certainly not a shoe in.

2.The Mariners have made Baseball history naming Don Wakamatsu as the first Japanese-American head coach in baseball history. Even though he doesn’t speak Japanese having grown up in LA he wants to learn some so he can better communicate with Ichiro and Jojima. Good luck to Don except when he plays the Yankees of course.

3. The Red Sox have traded Coco Crisp to the Royals for 27 year old Ramon Rimirez. This was a cashman like deal if I ever saw one. Here take my leftover parts and this handful of magic beans for a 27 year old pitcher with an ERA under 3 and more than a strikeout per inning. This guy could be the setup guy that puts Masterson back in the Rotation. It also might make them think twice about being all in on Burnett, which realistically was just going to drive the price the Yankees sign him for anyhow.

4. An Interesting Article over at the Star Ledger suggests that the delay on the Sabathia offer may be that he's waiting to see if the Dodgers will bid. Hopefully they won't, but again it will only drive up the Yankees offer for him. It's believed that if they do submit an Offer that it will be for $30 million less than what the Yankees have already offered.

5. Are The Jays Shopping Halladay? If they are , don't look at them giving him to the Yankees. Teams don't usually like to trade stars to another team in their own division. However a pitcher like that with only a 2 year commitment might be an incentive to talk to the Dodgers (believed to be the Jays likely suitor) and see what it would take to spin him to the Yankees. But that is just a pipe dream.

6. There is a Rumor out there that the Sox may trade Lugo to the Tigers For Willis or Robertson . Its pretty much a junk for junk trade, however Willis could still turn into a productive pitcher. Lugo only have one tool (speed) doesn't seem like a great fit if the tigers really want a  real starting shortstop. he is more of an off the bench pinch runner type guy as I see it. If the Sox could get Robertson for Lugo they should have pulled the trigger already.

hopefully Ill be back later this afternoon with some important news.

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