Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pitching Pitching and more Pitching

     I think that most people are of the opinion  that the Yankees need two starting pitchers either from free agency or via trade in order to be competitive in 2009. Agreed? That being said who and how much will they spend.  I think that when Friday hits,(that's when people can talk money with free agents from other teams) Hank and Hal are going to park a Brinks truck outside CC's house until he comes out and says OK lets go for a ride.  I'm guessing they offer him Santana type money maybe even a little more and they go six years. They have money to spend and they will spend it. I feel  that they stay away from Burnett, his numbers just don't speak to me and I hope that they decide to throw a little love at Ben Sheets. He was 13-9 last year and has a career ERA of 3.72 He's 30 years old a 4 year deal seems reasonable. In my dream world I see the rotation like this.
2. Wang
3. Sheets
4. Pettite
5. Joba
6. Phil Hughes (as needed if they don't trade him, but thats another story)

Next up big bats in the Bronx??

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