Thursday, November 13, 2008

midnight is comming

Its 10:00pm est and Yankees hot stove is on right now. Two hours until the Yankees are on the Phone with CC  offering him the biggest payday of his life.  Girardi just stated the obvious by saying that the Yankees aren't stopping at just one big name pitcher and that its important for the Yankees to have six possibly seven  solid starters in the rotation. He also said that if people offer trades for Cano you have to listen because Canos valuable and that they would have to give allot back. but for now hes penciled in as the Yankees second baseman.  To me this almost sounds like he should keep one bag packed, LOL.  Ok Ill be back a little after midnight to report on any goings on.

update: midnight came and went and there was no truck full of cash outside CC's house. OK I better run I think he sees me climbing on the fence. 

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