Saturday, November 15, 2008

Could Peavy be a Reality?

Apparently the word is out that the Yankees are going to make offers to Multiple pitchers. This could mean CC,Burnett and Lowe (with or without making an offer to Pettite or Mussina) It also is become apparent that the Yankees are at least a Dark Horse in the Peavy dealings. Seems  my previous posting on hypothetical trade situations might not be so hypothetical anymore. However much I would love to see a rotation that involves Peavy I can't Imagine the Padres wanting less than the Moon for him. My guess is that the conversation starts with them wanting at least Jackson and Hughes and probably gets worse from there. However I have heard rumblings (sorry I cant remember where I read it) that Igawa might be good for San Diego. But If they had any interest in him it would be a forth or fifth player involved in the trade not a primary piece. My dream rotation looks like this

1. CC

2. Peavy

3. Lowe 

4. Wang 


6. Pettite or Mussina

What are the odds?  Its going to get interesting Kids buckle up!!

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