Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Big bats in the Bronx

In 2007 the Yankees took a shot at scoring 1000 runs but fell short only scoring 968. My question is how does a team follow that up with only 789 runs last year? Part of the problem was injury. Posada missing the majority of the season was a big factor. Molina, as great as he is defensively, cannot hit his own weight. Another factor was a poor season for Robby Cano. After looking like a batting champ to be in 2007 he was expected to do big things in 2008. On the bright side It appears as if his hitting woahs may be in the past and Kevin Long will be getting a fat raise. In 2007 A-Rod was incredible and there was no way he could have been expected to repeat that kind of year in 2008. So I guess looking at the numbers he had a representative year, but how many times did he choke with RISP or how many of his homers were solo shots when it didn’t matter. Most of all how many double plays did he hit into. In all fairness to A-rod he's probably the greatest hitter in the game and will continue to show that for many years to come. Another horrific blow was the loss of Matsui, however I feel the deal for Nady made up for him being gone down the stretch.

  Overall the Yankee Pitching was ok. Injuries to Wang and Chamberlain hurt badly but they were able to get respectable replacement level pitching from within but unfortunately that doesn’t win championships. If the Yankees solidify their starting rotation is that enough? I say no way. They need to add Two players that can hit. A first baseman for sure and probably a designated hitter or corner outfielder. I know you are all thinking that the outfield is way to crowded as it is. I think Matsui makes good trade bait provided that he is healthy. Brett Gardner should be your fourth outfielder. But who should start in CF? Not Melky, please not Melky. Defensively he is above average but he doesn’t have the kind of bat that we need a CF to have. I think a trade packaging Melky, Matsui and perhaps some of our deep farm system of  MLB ready pitching should be able to get us a suitable CF for a season until Austin Jackson is ready.  But Who? Many people think Mike Cameron to be the answer.  I think Gardner could put up a .250 batting average in CF just as easily. Ok Gardner would not hit 25 HR but I still think we could do better. What do you think? Maybe Damon in CF and a run at Manny for left? After all Damon did bat over .300 with 17 HR from the leadoff spot last season. If you had Manny, Damon and Nady as your starting OF next season you would be looking at 90+ HR from your outfielders. Ok lets assume for a minute the Yankees were interested in Manny ( which I think is only possible if Tex signs elsewhere) how much do you pay him? What would it take to get him. I think he will settle for 4 years 88Million. (Boras will never get Six years) That’s a lot of money for someone who may be a clubhouse cancer. But he’s not the first player to get run out of Boston and be a great teammate. ex. Nomar Garciapara

Ok back to earth, I think the Yankees will go with Garder in CF unless someone makes them a trade offer that makes since. and I think Melky will get a shot in spring training but ultimately will be traded. The Yankees will throw tons of cash at Mark Teixeira and You will see him and Sabathia in pinstripes in 2009.

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