Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yankees front runners for Garcia

 Fox sports and MLB Hot Stove report that the Mets and The Yankees appear to be the lone suitors left in the race for Freddy Garcia. Garcia is a 10 year veteran with a career record of 118-77 however he is coming off serious shoulder surgery in 2007 that has limited him to only 73 innings over the last 2 seasons. My best estimate would be that he would have to except a minor league deal and attempt to win a spot in the rotation at spring training. A Garcia that is healthy and back to pre surgery form was definitely a winner that could eat up 200 innings a year. Its one of those roll of the dice low risk deals that the Yankees are famous for. Garcia, 32 is said to be looking for a major leauge contract that would give him termination pay if he does not make the club.

  My opinion: sure what the heck nothing ventured anything gained. A low risk deal with minimal financial commitment. Heck he’s only 32 and hell we took a risk on Ponson, I would think Garcia would spend less time at the donut table.

Update: Those pesky Mets signed Garcia to a Minor Leauge Deal with big leauge provisions expected to exceed 7.5 Million. Certainly more than he is worth 

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