Friday, January 23, 2009

Why do the Yankees set themselves up

  The Yankees stood by Andy Petitte through thick and thin. They let him come back after he turned his back on them, they stood by him when he admitted to steroids, and finally they offered him 10 million dollars to come back in 2009 after posting a 14-14 record and an ERA over 4. Not to mention that he was horrible after the all star break. Then Pettite slaps them in the face saying he doesn’t want to take a cut in pay from the 16 million he made last season. Let’s put this in perspective here is what the Yankees starting rotation will make in 2009

1. CC $11 million 

2, Wang $4 million

3. AJ Burnett $13.2 Million 

4. Joba $390,000

Yet somehow Pettite believes that he is worth $16 million in 2009??? Now the Yankees are embarrassing themselves further upping their offer to $10.5 Million. 

If he doesn't take it let the bum go! They can probably get Sheets and Garcia for not much more than that or let the kids fight it out for that spot. Time to focus on the Bench and the Bullpen let’s get the Rotation settled yesterday.

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