Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Were making a move

For a couple of months now the staff here at Yankees Guy has been developing a new blog. (Ok you cau.ght me I'm the staff) We are going to the dark side and switching to word press. Now I know many of you blogger.com faithful will call me a traitor and say that I sold out. In all seriousness this is going to be a strong power move for the blog. For the first month I will simultaneously post on both blogs to give everyone a chance to update their blogrolls, bookmarks, feedburners, ECT... 

 The new blog can be found at Yankeesmagazine.wordpress.com

It’s a power move more hits off search engines ect... Now I know what you are saying. "Mike you spent so much time building up Yankees Guy why change now" To be honest with you I like what word press has to offer and I think you will find the new blog to be just as good if not better. I appreciate all your support and your patience during this transition.

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bvcxfdzb said...

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