Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Which Blogs do you read???

I am always discovering new Yankees Blogs there are so many us out there. I try and put the really good ones on my blogroll. If you have a Yankees Blog and want me to check it out and put it on the roll just drop me a note in the comments. I'll check it out and if I like it you’re in. Hopefully if you are reading mine you will reciprocate. A couple of new blogs I have just added are Bronx Baseball Daily and Zells Pinstripe Blog. I'm a new reader to them but I really like what they are doing over there. This brings me to what blogs do you all read on a daily basis. Hopefully mine is one but who else. I like

Confessions of a she Fan, New stadium insider, Al Leiters bullpen catcher, This Purist Bleeds pinstripes, Respect Jeters Gangster, Sliding into home, and of course Pete Abrahams blog. I used to be a big fan of Yankees Chic (my inspiration to create Yankees Guy, we used to be Yankees Muse) But Maureen seems to have vanished from the blogging world hopefully she will return she has allot of fans out there. I only wish I was as funny as her. So lets hear it what do you read??

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