Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who has the best short stop??

For the Red sox last season this was a unsettled position Jed Lowrie started 81 games and although is a very slick fielder who can also play 2nd and 3rd, he doesn't hit well. Ok well is an understatement he doesn’t hit at all. He had 260 AB's struck out 68 times and only had 67 Hits. This isn't to say that he will never be a good hitter. Pedroia went through a similar season when he first came up to the big leagues too. His big upside is his glove, only 2 errors and no errors at short. His counterpart was Julio Lugo who is the polar opposite in 81 games he had 16 errors. Usually a proven hitter he wasn't such a force last year as he was in 2006 when he batted over .300. Combined I give them a C+

The Rays Jason Bartlett is not known for his Power. In 128 games last year he hit only one HR. He also had 16 Errors which was down from his 2007 26 Errors. He does have decent speed with 20 stolen bases and sports a strong arm. Grade C-

The Yankees Derek Jeter needs no introduction and will walk into the hall of fame first time up. His 13 years in the majors is highlighted with a career .316 batting average and although is only an average fielder at best, is known for his famous trademark jump throw. By the time his career is over he should have 3000 hits and with any luck at least one more Ring on his finger. 

Grade B+

Tuesday we will look at 3rd base.


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