Friday, January 2, 2009

MLB network is finally on

The long overdue MLB Network has finally aired and is being carried on most cable and satellite formats. Check your local listings. It's very cool and also available in HD

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Ross said...

Dear Yankee bloggers -

First off, I am sorry in advance if I have already contacted you about this.

I just started a new blog as a continuation of my old one -

The blog is now called "New Stadium Insider" (

If possible, can you please link to this site, but also leave the link to NYY Stadium Insider if you had one before? I had a lot of good stuff there that I am keeping up as an archive.

Please email me (ross at NYYStadiumInsider dot com) if we have not exchanged links before to confirm and I will gladly add you to my blogroll!

Thanks and Happy New Year -