Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Left Field

The Yankees Johnny Damon will be starting in LF in 2009, although thought to be on the downslide of his great career he doesn’t seem to be slowing down yet. In 2008 he batted .301 with 17 HR and 75 RBI. In the last three seasons he has stolen at least 25 bases and is all that and a bag of chips compared to when he played for Boston. In a contract year I think he will have another big season and the Yankees will bring him back on another 2 or three year deal. His weakness is his arm. He really does not have a good one at all. However he is much better suited for LF than he ever was for CF. Grade A

Carl Crawford is the shining jewel of the three at 27 years old he gets better every year. Last year was a little down due to injury but he has 50 or more stolen bases in 4 of his six full seasons. He consistantly bats .300 and is a great fielder. In six seasons he has 2 all star appearances and with his speed and abilities I would assume he will have many more. Grade A+

Jason Bay the newest of the Red Sox outfielder was acquired mid-season last year to fill in Manny's shoes. Although nobody hits like Manny, Bay was the next best thing. You can’t argue with 31 HR and 101 RBI's and he seems to do it every year. A decent fielder and a plus hitter at only 30 he is a star that the Red Sox should hold on to for many years to come. Grade A

Left field was a strong position for all three teams with the edge going to the Rays. CF is going to be a little bit different. Check back on Thursday.

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