Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Melky gets big payday

Are you @*#!ing kidding me? Ok last season Melky made $461,000 he batted .249 and sucked so bad that he was sent down to AAA. So just because he was eligible for arbitration he asks for 1.7 million dollars. Then the Yankees settle with him for 1.4 million. Granted He has a heck of an Arm and is young but is his upside worth that big of a raise? I'm voting no. Actually I believe he is going to end up as a bench player if he is lucky. Can't tell I'm a Brett Gardner fan can ya? I'll leave the comparisons for when we talk about center fielders tommarow

Other raises to note. Nady gets a raise from 3.35 to 6.65 Million dollars. I'm not knocking this raise. He batted .305 with 25 HR and 97 RBI's. Brian Bruney also is getting a raise not sure of the details but I'm guessing around 1.3 million for 2009. I'm getting so anxious for spring training. This time of year is when things always start to get exciting. 

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