Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pettite is Greedy

According to MLB hot stove Andy Pettite has formally rejected a one year 10 million dollar offer given to him by the Yankees. Under advice from his agents he does not want to take such a big pay cut from the 16 million he has made over the last two seasons. Andy, wake up! You were 14-14 last year with a 4.54 ERA in 33 starts and were horrible after the all star break. Not to mention that you are 36 years old. If the Yankees were going to spend 16 Million on a pitcher per year than they would be smarter to go three years on Derek Lowe who is only 35 and had a 3.24 ERA last year and only made 10 Million.

  I feel that Pettite owes the Yankees a little something after him leaving and then letting him come back and standing by him when the whole world was calling him a druggie because he took steroids. This is just pure greed! I would think that with the rotation that the Yankees are putting forth he would kill to come back and have one last chance at another ring. 10 million dollars is more money than most of us will ever see in our life. Frankly I think the Yankees can do better.

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