Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quick notes that tidy up all those little transactions

Now that the Holidays are over free agents will be signing on the cheap hand over fist. The more time that goes buy the cheaper they will be. Here are a few quick points of interest that will clean up the recent Yankees doings.

Giambi signs with the A's- At 4.5 million with an option good deal for the A's he’s a great clubhouse guy and should add a little pop to the lineup.

Angel Berroa signs a minor league deal with the Yankees
. I like this move he has great speed and although primarily a short stop he has played at 2nd and 3rd base. Could be another option for a utility off the bench kind of guy.

John Rodriguez signs minor leauge deal with Yankees. (I don’t have any information on him other than him plays OF)

Carl Pavano signs with the Indians. Wow they must be desperate!!!

With the signing of big Tex Shelly Duncan was DFA'd. (Wouldn’t it be funny if he signed with the Red Sox, you know after the Red Sox suck autograph and all) The releasing of Shelly will certainly save the Yankees some broken arms down the road.

 Pettite looking like a no go Phil Coke has been told to report to Spring Training to compete for the number 5 spot. You can never have too many lefties and Phil is a great guy.

Jason Johnson signed to minor leauge deal.  Seems  Johnson is thought to be in the mix to compete for the number 5 rotation spot. The scouts must see something in him because his numbers are far from impressive. Looking at them closer I'm not sure how he has held a job in the majors as long as he has.

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