Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ok everyone reality check

   Ok everyone it's time for a reality check. There are certain truths that Yankees fans refuse to accept. 

1. Unless he becomes cheap the Yankees are not signing Manny

2. Unless he accepts a big pay cut Pettite will not be in pinstripes next year.

3. The Yankees probably won't trade Swisher. He is young, under the teams control for more than one year and plays multiple positions. Logic dictates that Nady has a higher trade value and will most certainly be gone after this year anyhow.

4. Joba is a starter. What is wrong with you people that want to make him a permanent set up man? Starters are more valuable and harder to come by and usually only have a couple of good pitches. Joba has 4 good pitches and was always a starter before.

5. The Yankees won’t trade Hughes unless it’s for gold. Phil is still 20 years old and will probably be a great pitcher in years to come. Have patience he will get there.

6. Wang will not be allowed to run the bases. I’d be surprised if he’s allowed to lift the bat off his shoulder.

And lastly the Yankees are not trading for Bedard or Ichiro. The Young and Healthy is what they need not the old and the crippled

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